Subversion commit from Python?

Jack Trades JackTradesPublic at
Tue May 19 03:03:01 CEST 2009

I'm wondering if there's an easy way to do a 'svn commit' on a
directory from Python.

More Details:
I have a wiki-like program that stores its data in a directory that I
would like to put under version control to be able to roll back
unwanted changes.  The program is stored in two directories, a 'cgi'
directory which displays the data and allows user editing and a 'data'
directory.  The 'data' directory is a checked-out version of the
Originally I had the 'data' directory in the same directory as the cgi
scripts and was using os.system("svn commit"), however I kept running
into weird bugs with this method.  So I moved the data directory out
of the cgi directory and plan to use a separate repository.  So is
there a prefered way to commit this directory to a subversion
repository from a Python script?

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