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Tue May 19 16:44:15 CEST 2009

On May 18, 3:04 pm, kj <so... at> wrote:
> I have read a couple of "learn Python"-type books, and now I'm
> looking for some more advanced books on Python, something analogous
> to "Effective Java" or "High-Order Perl".  I've only been able to
> find "Advanced Python 3 Programming Techniques", which, as far as
> I can tell, is only available as a "Kindle Book".  (Since I won't
> be buying a Kindle for another few decades, this is not an option
> for me.)
> I tried out "Dive into Python", because I was told that it was
> written for people with prior programming experience.  It's an OK
> book, but I don't find that it is much more advanced than pretty
> much any other "learn Python" book I've seen.
> Basically I'm looking for a book that assumes that one has the
> basics of the language down, and instead focuses on standard problems
> of software development, such as application architecture and
> design, prototyping, debugging, profiling and performance-tuning,
> testing, packaging/distribution, extending/embedding, threading
> and IPC, persistence, etc., and on various prototypical cases such
> as command-line utilities, GUI-apps, webapps, database-backed apps,
> simulations, etc.
> Granted, it is unlikely that a single book will do justice to all
> these areas, but these are the topics I'm now interested in, from
> the perspective of Python.
> Any suggestions?
> TIA!
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Hetland's book, "Beginning Python" has a bunch of projects at the end.
It also has a chapter on testing, network programming, extending
python, packaging and more. They're not in depth, but they give you a

Lutz's "Programming Python" has some pretty in depth projects using
Tkinter. You might find the Python Cookbook helpful or you could just
look at ActiveState's cookbook which is what the book was based on:

- Mike

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