Which C compiler?

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On Mon, 18 May 2009 15:47:41 -0700, norseman <norseman at hughes.net> wrote:

> I suspect that if all python users were in the same room and the 
> question "Are you NOT happy with python's upgrade requirements?" was 
> asked you would find most hands in the air.  I have said it before - the 
> current attitude of 'new means we start over' was what nearly destroyed 
> Apple. Doesn't take joe public long to get tired of constantly 
> re-buying, re-writing themselves, re-hiring the same people to re-write 
> the same thing, etc...

I dislike the "bleeding edge" aspect of Python culture too, but (as
long as everyone ignores Python 3.0) it's not really something which
hurts me in my daily life. *Not* using Python would hurt, though.

I'm on Linux though, and use no third-party modules which haven't
already been filtered by Debian's maintainers. I don't know if that's
the reason, but my applications rarely or never break.  So I'm not
quite sure what happened in your case ...


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