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> >Steve Ferg wrote:
> >>
> >> On the one hand, there are developers who love big IDEs with lots of
> >> features (code generation, error checking, etc.), and rely on them to
> >> provide the high level of support needed to be reasonably productive
> >> in heavy-weight languages (e.g. Java).
> >>
> >> On the other hand there are developers who much prefer to keep things
> >> light-weight and simple.  They like clean high-level languages (e.g.
> >> Python) which are compact enough that you can keep the whole language
> >> in your head, and require only a good text editor to be used
> >> effectively.
> >
> >This distinction is IMHO not correct. If you took a look at Java, you
> would
> >notice that the core language syntax is much simpler than Python's.
> That's half-true.  The problem is that you have to digest a much bigger
> chunk of Java before you can start being productive.  Consider how simple
> it is to write a non-regex grep in Python.  In addition, Python's object
> model is simpler than Java's, not even talking about the contortions that
> Java's static class model forces you into.

I am new to Python. I am slowly realizing that Python might be a better
choice when compared to java on the server side. Is there any performance
comparison between Java and Python ? For example, if I use the J2EE solution
vs. python (Django etc.) on the server side, would one perform better over
the other ?


P.S: I have changed the subject line to reflect the new thread

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