how to get the spesific line of the text in the clipboard

MRAB google at
Tue May 19 18:34:57 CEST 2009

Tim Chase wrote:
>>> I want to get the eighth line in the text of the text in the 
>>> clipboad, but when I call  GetClipboardData
>>> I only get a string, how can I repair it?
>> [snip]
>> Split the string into lines and take the eighth line (at index 7). I've
>> limited the number of splits to 8 because I'm not interested in any of
>> the following lines:
>>      line = text.split("\r\n", 8)[7]
> Strings have a .splitlines() method that makes this a little more elegant:
>   line = text.splitlines()[7]
I thought it split only on "\n". Turns out it can handle "\r\n" too!
Yay! :-)

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