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Wed May 20 02:07:39 CEST 2009

Ben Finney wrote:
> Stefano Costa <steko at> writes:
>> my name is Stefano Costa, I am an archaeologist and I am developing
>> GNUCal, a radiocarbon calibration program released under the GNU GPL.
>> [1][2]
> That is a great use of Python, and sounds like interesting work.
> I would highly recommend you change the name, though.
> Your project is not (I assume) developed under the auspice of the GNU
> project, so it's misleading to call it “GNU foobar” instead of just
> “foobar”. There's no trademark involved, but it's still best to keep
> the namespace clearly deliniated (which is also entirely in the Python
> spirit :-)
> Also, to call a program “cal” risks great confusion among those who
> know the standard ‘cal’ program as a calendar-generation utility. It's
> best to avoid that confusion since it's entirely predictable.
> Better would be something that evokes radiocarbon calibration; or, since
> that's probably a pretty difficult job for a simple name, choose
> something snappy that is at least evocative of the themes of
> archaeology, radiocarbon dating, or measurement calibration.
> Naming isn't an easy job, but it's an important one and is your only
> chance at a first impression for the project.
The name that springs to my mind is "radcarbcal", but then that's just
me. :-)

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