PYTHONPATH on Windows XP module load problem

Andreas Otto aotto1968 at
Wed May 20 09:53:03 CEST 2009


  I try to use "distutils" and "" to create an C extension

  Now a list of problems:

  1. I'm using automake, autoconf to setup the build-environment
        for example CPPFLAGS

        -> how can I transport the CPPFLAGS on the commandline

        I can not use the "define_macros" argument in the

  2. the following shared library is created:


        -> in my tool a test environment is included this mean
                "after" a build but before "install" a test is
                done. this mean that the library have to be found
                and used by the test-environment.

        -> the problem is that the directory name
                is system-depend

        -> question: how I get an unique system independent name
                or just in general how I solve this kind of problem

  3. why is no ".pyd" file created ?

        -> pyd is the extension name supported 


  Andreas Otto

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