Conceptual flaw in pxdom?

Paul Boddie paul at
Wed May 20 16:47:12 CEST 2009

On 20 Mai, 11:25, "Diez B. Roggisch" <de... at> wrote:
> Also, not trying to convince people that there are better alternatives to
> what and how they do something (admittedly, better is subjective, thus
> ensues discussion), or gathering arguments on why they do believe their way
> is preferable is the very essence of fora like this - if you'd really want
> that to go away, we're down to answering the notorious
> mutable-default-argument-question.

Yes, but the inquirer wasn't asking for general advice on what to use.
Again, if you're intending to use (or are constrained to using) one
thing, having people tell you to use something else has limited
benefits. I don't necessarily agree with the statements about the DOM
being particularly well thought out, but those were made to the
already-issued tangential advice which seems to be the norm on python-

It's nice to see that one person responded to the inquirer's original
message, anyway, rather than attempt to "educate" him under the
assumption that he doesn't at all know what he's doing. In Google
Groups, you can see the "profile" of people and work out what they
seem to know fairly easily - a useful tool for anyone who doesn't
remember who asked what. Maybe some liberal usage of tools like that
would have saved us eight or so messages in this thread already.


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