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Stefano Costa steko at
Wed May 20 17:14:44 CEST 2009

Il Wed, 20 May 2009 07:01:39 +0100, A. Cavallo ha scritto:

> With the standard distutils (no need for setuptools) the file
> might look like:

Right, I ended up using setuptools just because I used paster to create 
the project layout. I'll think about using plain distutils instead.

> import gnucal must work. If you're developing from the sources (eg.
> without having the package installed) you need to be in the same dir
> where the is or you need to set PYTHONPATH in order to find
> the directory gnucal (the one containing

Right now, the problem is that upon installing "import gnucal" works in 
the python interactive interpreter, but raises an exception 
that it's not able to import gnucal.core and friends.

> At line 101 the statement sys.exit("Please.. should be
> parser.error("Please..

Good point! Thanks,

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