popen - reading strings - constructing a list from the strings

MRAB google at mrabarnett.plus.com
Wed May 20 14:39:35 EDT 2009

Aytekin Vargun wrote:
> First of all,
> Thanks for the suggestions, MRAB and norseman. "split()" was what I was 
> looking for. Now I have a follow up question. In my application I create 
> radio buttons in a frame. These radio buttons are constructed whenever a 
> button is clicked. Therefore the list of items are dynamically changing.
> What I want to do is to remove the current radio buttons and then 
> recreate a new set of radio buttons using a new string list. I could not 
> see a command for deleting or removing a set of radio buttons. I use 
> Tkinter.
> I can provide more details.
> Thanks a lot.
> PS: I apologize if this creates a new thread. I am new to the list.
> Aytekin
I have no idea whether this is possible. I'd just create a new frame. I
hope you're not trying to add and remove buttons on a dialog while it's
open; having a dialog radically change its appearance while the user is
watching would, IMHO, be very bad! :-)

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