Performance java vs. python

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Thu May 21 14:48:56 EDT 2009

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> >> I find it completely unimaginable that people would even think
> >> suggesting the idea that Java is simpler.  It's one of the most stupidly
> >> verbose and cranky languages out there, to the point you can't really do
> >> anything of relevance without an IDE automatically pumping out lots of
> >> scaffold code for you.
> >But that means Java programmers are obviously more productive than Python
> >programmers: they produce many more lines of code per day even if much of
> >it is boileplate or even automatically generated. Managers like that.
> >OTOH, I consider it a productive day if I end up with fewer lines of code
> >than I started with.
> A friend once justified a negative LOC count as being the sign of a
> good day with the following observation:
> Code that doesn't exist contains no bugs.
> Code that doesn't exist takes no time to execute.
> Code that doesn't exist takes up no space.
> Code that doesn't exist doesn't need maintenance.

Amusing tales.  And very true too -- managers just love LOC and
straightjacket programming environments.

Here's what the father of Unix, Ken Thompson, said once about LOC:
"One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code."

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