python3 module for dbus ?

Stephen Hansen apt.shansen at
Thu May 21 18:16:43 EDT 2009

>  Do you know if I can get dbus bindings for python3 and glib bindings for
>>> python3 ? Or could I use them otherwise (like without the modules) ?
>> Sorry, no answers to your questions off-hand, but what's wrong with
>> using 2.x?
> It is now old and will be replaced by 3.0
> And I am starting a new project. I think it would be appropriate to start
> it with the new version of python.

That's really a premature position to take. 2.x is going to continue to be
developed in tandem with 3.0. They're going to release a 2.7, for example.
It's going to take some non-trivial time for there to be all the big
bindings and third party libraries to even start to be ported over.

In particular, I doubt anything on your list would anyitme soon. I know
wxPython isn't even close from what I've read; I've not heard anything of
any of the PostgreSQL libraries doing it but they might be starting or have
made progress already...

Really. Using 2.x is not developing for a dead-end platform. Yeah you should
code in such a way that its as upwards-compatible to 3.x as possible for a
new project, but... 2.6 is not "old", nor deprecated, nor obsolete... and
2.7 will be out Eventually.

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