reseting an iterator

J. Clifford Dyer jcd at
Sat May 23 02:31:22 CEST 2009

On Fri, 2009-05-22 at 10:54 -0700, Jan wrote:
> This produces an error because by definition of for-loops
> it is executed the same way as:
> temp_iterator = iter(y) # temp_iterator is y
> while True:
>     try:
>         print(next(temp_iterator)) # temp_iterator does not support
> __next__()
>     except StopIteration:
>         break

I think this is where you missed my point.

iter(y) actually returns an instance of class X, which does support
iteration.  And it returns a new X each time, thus resetting the

That exact setup might or might not support your use case.  I don't
know, because you haven't described it.  However, whatever you need done
to X to get it back in shape to reiterate over can be done in

Honestly, do you care if it's an iterator or an iterable, so long as
python can handle the job?

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