html ui + py background? any tut?

David Lyon david.lyon at
Sat May 23 05:24:14 EDT 2009


I don't know any tutorial either...

At work, we have made gui apps using wxpython to make the gui...

wxpython has html viewer component...

you can use Cheetah or another template engine to make the

It's pretty easy and effective...


On Sat, 23 May 2009 15:48:38 +0800, oyster <lepto.python at> wrote:
> I have read for many times that the modern appliaction (not a web one,
> but desktop on) uses html + js for its UI, and python code is for the
> background work
> but I have never found event a simple (yet completed) article on how
> to develop such a thing from scrach in these advocacy thing.
> Can anyone point out some simple, can-be-followed tutorial on such
> thing especially for windows os?
> thanx

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