monitoring friendly applications

Imbaud Pierre pierre.imbaud at
Sun May 24 05:08:05 EDT 2009

Thanks a lot. Your suggestions lead me to pypi, (I knew it but didnt 
remember the exact spelling, and no obvious link from, 
and from there to supervisord, that answers pretty well my problem. 
Thanks again.

Tim Roberts wrote:
> Imbaud Pierre <pierre.imbaud at> wrote:
>> I have A LOT of batch applications to monitor, on linux machines, mostly 
>> written in python.
>> I have to know:
>> - which are active, at a given moment?
>> - when did the last run occur? How long did it last?
>> - for some daemons: are they stuck? generally, waiting for i/o, or lost 
>> in some C call.
>> ...
>> By any chance, does something like this exist? Would someone be 
>> interested with this development?

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