Python -> R?

edexter Eric_Dexter at
Sun May 24 12:07:04 EDT 2009

On May 23, 8:20 am, Esmail <ebo... at> wrote:
> Hello!
> Anyone using Python scripts and accessing some of R's functionality?
> If so, what are you using? I have read about RPy, is that a good
> solution? Are there others that can be recommended or are preferred?
> I would prefer to code in Python instead of R :-)
> Thanks,
> Esmail

I was playing around with a r sound module and looking at the graphic
stuff and I have downloaded the rpy thing but I have never used
it....  I have been looking for a good excuse to use it...  It looks
like it could be useful for graphing stuff or maybe alogrithmic
(spelling I am sure) composition...  The R people have a publication
somewhat like the python papers where you might find something

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