Problems with StaticBitmaps and events

Water Bottle bottleh20 at
Sun May 24 14:56:04 EDT 2009

Okay, I found the root of the weird box problem on the top left corner. It
has something to do with my panels. I changed the code so that I directly
used the StaticBitmap and TextCtrl inside the Frame class and the weird box
was gone. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with the Panels. Can anyone

Also, I poked around other forums and it seems StaticBitmaps doesn't really
trigger events (it's a static control). I tried using GenStaticBitmaps in
the wx.lib.statbmp, and was able to achieve some triggers (for example,
wx.EVT_ENTER_WINDOW). However, I want to make it so that my picture is a
button without having to look like one of the standard looking buttons (like
you have in wx.BitmapButton). Is there some sort of way to do that?

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