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> On May 20, 10:10 pm, John Reid <j.r... at> wrote:
>> Alan G Isaac wrote:
>> > The listings package is great and highly configurable.
>> > Note that you can also input entire files of Python code
>> > or pieces of them based on markers.  Really quite great.
>> I tried listings. I believe pygments makes better formatted output (at
>> least out of the box).
> I'm trying to figure out how to use pygments. Are there any good usage
> examples out there?

It's not really difficult.   First choose a pygments style and create the 
latex definitions for it (STYLENAME serves as placeholder here):

pygmentize -S STYLENAME -f latex > pygments_style.tex

Now import the required packages and the style definitions:


These packages are included in Tetex as well as in Texlive, if not, you can 
of course install them from CTAN.

To format a snippet of code, run pygmentize and copy the output into your 

pygmentize -f latex

That's it.

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