Multiprocessing and file I/O

Infinity77 andrea.gavana at
Mon May 25 10:41:16 CEST 2009

Hi Paul & All,

On May 24, 4:16 pm, Paul Boddie <p... at> wrote:
> On 24 Mai, 16:13, Infinity77 <andrea.gav... at> wrote:
> > No, the processing of the data is fast enough, as it is very simple.
> > What I was asking is if anyone could share an example of using
> > multiprocessing to read a file, along the lines I described above.
> Take a look at this section in an article about multi-threaded
> processing of large files:

Thank you for the pointer, I have read the article and the follow-ups
with much interest... it's unfortunate Python is no more on the first
place though :-D
I'll see if I can come up with a faster implementation of my (f2py-
fortran-based) Python module using multiprocessing.

Thank you.


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