What text editor is everyone using for Python

Dave Angel davea at ieee.org
Tue May 26 17:36:01 EDT 2009

Lacrima wrote:
>> I am new to python.
>> And now I am using trial version of Wing IDE.
>> But nobody mentioned it as a favourite editor.
>> So should I buy it when trial is expired or there are better choices?
I'm a little surprised nobody has explicitly mentioned Komodo IDE (the 
full version).  Although it's not free, it has plenty of useful 
features, is very configurable, supports Python and a host of other 
languages, and is a full IDE with an out-of-process debugger.  This 
means you can step through GUI code, without it interfering with the 
debugger's event loop.

You can customize it in four ways:
  1) through Edit->Preferences
  2) through recorded macros
  3) through macros written in Javascript
  4) through macros written in Python

A subset of Komodo IDE is available as Komodo Edit, which is open source.

Apparently Komodo is developed from some of the same code base as 
Firefox, so they can be integrated more tightly when debugging internet 
stuff.  I haven't tried anything of the sort, so
 I can't say how well this works, and for what.

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