What text editor is everyone using for Python

rustom rustompmody at gmail.com
Wed May 27 08:31:57 EDT 2009

I dont think Ive seen it said on this thread (if yes sorry for missing

If you use emacs

1. DONT use the python.el that comes with emacs but use python-mode.el
that comes from python
2. Use python as an interpreter ie not as you would use C or Java
or ... which is to say
2.1 Start python as an interpreter under emacs ... which (assuming
emacs is set up properly) means
2.1.1 M-x py-shell or
2.1.2 From a python source file C-c C-c
2.2 Dont (PLEASE) start a shell and start python in that; start a
genuine 'inferior' python under emacs
      (yes emacs-speak is a bit weird but once you get used to it it
has no replacement)
3. The most useful paradigm of noob hacking of python in emacs is to
split the window into 2, keep your python file in one and the inferior
python interpreter in the other.
4. After you've graduated out of noob status you may like to look at
4.1 pdb (Ive not managed to get this to run on windows)
4.2 doctest mode
4.3 rope
4.4 ipython

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