Question in VB DLL COM event in Delphi Programming

MRAB google at
Wed May 27 10:35:23 EDT 2009

Tan, Yih Hung wrote:
> I have a question regarding Delphi COM programming. I have a VB DLL 
> (ActiveX COM DLL) and this DLL contain 2 classes, one is for normal 
> client function calling, and the other one is events raised by this DLL 
> to notify the client. Now, I would like to incorporate this DLL into 
> Delphi (bind the DLL into Delphi program) so that when the events raised 
> by this DLL,  it can be capture in the Delphi program. I am new in 
> Delphi and I would like to need your help or advice on this integration. 
> I could send you the sample code in VB and the VB DLL if you need. 
> Thanks in advance.
This newsgroup is for the Python programming language. You'll have a
better chance of help with Delphi from a Delphi newsgroup.

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