How do you serve Cheetah in production? webpy+cheetah

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Thu May 28 09:05:40 CEST 2009

How do you serve *Cheetah* in *production*?

Guys can you share the setup on how to precompile and serve cheetah in

Since we dont compile templates in webpy it is getting upstream time out
errors. If you could share a good best practise it would help


Jeremy jeremy.james at wrote: For a production site, I use Cheetah
with pre-compiled templates - it's very fast (the templates import
especially quickly when python compiled and optimised). A bit of magic with
the imp module takes a template name and a base directory (configured in a
site-specific config) and loads up that template, taking care of #extends
import directives as appropriate. I don't use the built-in support for

Cheetah, however. The new template library is also only imported to display
the debugerror page

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