What text editor is everyone using for Python

Ben Finney ben+python at benfinney.id.au
Fri May 29 09:41:48 CEST 2009

Gabor Urban <urbangabo at gmail.com> writes:

> This is a Python mailing list, which supposed to be a forum of people
> using the Python programming language.

Agreed so far.

> As a summary, any open source editor should be perfect, which is
> extensible, optionally language-sensitive, portable, basically
> independent of any OS features. THat cuts the list drammatically.

With this paragraph I can agree.

> So Python source is a plain text, so Python interpreter should be a
> command-driven application.

Huh? The Python interpreter should be a command-line application, true.
But the fact that Python source code is text has nothing to do with

> With no other UI than the plain old Command Line Intreface.

This doesn't follow at all. I am convinced that I'm far more productive
in my full-window editing environment over needing to use a command-line
to do everything. Where does “should” come into that, and why is a
full-window environment excluded?

If, instead of “command-line”, you actually mean “text-mode
full-window console”, I'm still calling you on your non sequitur.
There's nothing about editing text that excludes using a graphical
interface rendered in pixels instead of text characters.

The closest I get to agreement with any of the above is that a
full-window text editing environment should never *require* any
graphical pixellated interface. But to *exclude* it is too much.

> MOre than that, all we are supposed to be techmen, who does
> acknowledge and appreciate the conceot of wrtitten User Manual or
> Reference. All we have learned Python from tutorials and not from the
> menues.

You seem to have a rather exclusionist idea of the Python community,
that does not match my experience at all. Python programmers are women
as well as men. Many Python programmers would not describe themselves as
“technical” people. And I know for a fact many of the good ones
learned by example, not from tutorials.

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