Python 2.6 for Windows 64-bit AMD

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Sat May 30 18:42:15 EDT 2009

dineshv wrote:
> I upgraded from Python 2.5.4 to Python 2.6.2 under the Windows 64-bit
> AMD version, but no external libraries (eg. pyparsing and Numpy 1.3)
> work.  I noticed a few odd things:
> i.  pyparsing could not find an entry for Python 2.6.2 in the Wondows
> Registry

I suspect that you did not make 2.6 the default installation, so it did 
not make the registry entry pyparsing was looking for.  If pyparsing has 
any compiled C, you need a binary compiled and linked for 2.6.

> ii. Python 2.6.2 only allows per-machine installation instead of per-
> user and per-machine.

I would not be surprised if per-user installation was dropped because of 
problems, especially with Vista.

> Can anyone shed any light on what's up with this build of Python
> 2.6.2?

Probably built by M.L.Loewis, who may chime in.


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