Class Methods help

bdsatish bdsatish at
Sun May 31 15:39:02 CEST 2009


    I have a question regarding the difference b/w "class methods" and
"object methods". Consider for example:

class  MyClass:
    x = 10

Now I can access MyClass.x -- I want a similar thing for functions. I

class MyClass:
    def  some_func(x):
        return x+2

When I call MyClass.some_func(10) -- it fails, with error message:

TypeError: unbound method some_func() must be called with MyClass
instance as first argument (got int instance instead)

OK. I figured out that something like this works:
obj = MyClass()
y = obj.some_func(10)

BUT, this means that we have functions applying for instances. That is
we have "instance method". Now, how do I implement some function which
I can invoke with the class name itself ? Instead of creating a dummy
object & then calling.... In short, how exactly do I create "class
methods" ??

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