Deletion/record visibility error in PG with Python...

Durumdara durumdara at
Fri May 29 09:19:39 EDT 2009


Sorry for rtfm mail... I forgot to remove max_usage param in my real

This parameter is limiting the number of cursor usage, and if max reached,
the DBUtils is automatically open a new cursor in the background! This is
break out of the actual transaction context...

Uhhhhh.... I wasted 2 hours to found the bug in another source... :-(


2009/5/28 Durumdara <durumdara at>

> Hi!
> PGSQL makes me crazy...
> I port my apps to PGSQL, and I near to finish - but I got this problem...
> Params: PGSQL 8.3, Windows, Pylons, PGDB, DBUTILS...
> What happened? How I can avoid the cursor changing? How to fix it in my
> transaction?
> I never ask for new cursor, I used same variable in all of my context
> (self.Cur)... :-(
> So what is the solution? Drop DBUtils? Or what?
> Thanks for your help:
>     dd
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