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>> > I have a C++ program, with a GUI, into which I have embedded python. I
>> > have made several python functions in C++, one of which I use to
>> > override the normal stdout and stderr so that they print to a text box
>> > of my GUI. One thing I cannot think of how to do is to redefine stdin
>> > so that it pauses the program, waits for a user to type input into the
>> > box, hit enter, and takes input from another text element and sends it
>> > to python like it was the console.
>> I suspect you don't really want to redirect stdin, but instead implement
>> raw_input(). [...]Try changing __builtins__.raw_input  to reference  
>> your new
>> function.
> But what would the function do? How would it pause python and wait for
> it to have text to send?

Whatever you want. You don't have to "pause python", Python itself won't  
resume until your function doesn't return. (You should release the GIL if  
your C++ function doesn't call back to Python code, to allow other threads  
to continue, but that's another story).
This is a raw_input replacement written in Tkinter; it shows a dialog box  
instead of reading from stdin:

py> from Tkinter import *
py> from tkSimpleDialog import askstring
py> def my_raw_input(prompt):
...   return askstring("Python", prompt)
py> root = Tk()
py> import __builtin__
py> __builtin__.raw_input = my_raw_input
py> raw_input("What's your name?")

Gabriel Genellina
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