Feedback desired on reworked ch 1 progr. intro (now Python 3.x, Windows)

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at
Sun Nov 1 22:24:52 CET 2009

* Rhodri James:
> Before we start, can I just say that I find Google Docs loathsome?
> On Sat, 31 Oct 2009 07:40:36 -0000, Alf P. Steinbach <alfps at> 
> wrote:
>> I hope this new version of ch 1 is, well, better, addresses some of 
>> the concerns raised? <g>
> Section 1.1 needs serious work.

Could you please expand on that?

It is a hint.

Byt it doesn't leave me with much to go on regarding what you mean.

>  You have a very assertive writing style
> and a lot of things that you definitively state are at best debatable.
> If I'd picked that up in a shop and browsed that opening, I'd put the
> book down and walk away; essentially you're calling your accuracy into
> question before you've even said anything about programming.

Could you please expand on this also? Sort of, more concrete?

Cheers & thanks,

- Alf

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