exec-function in Python 3.+

Jon Clements joncle at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 2 12:34:08 CET 2009

On 2 Nov, 10:49, "Hans Larsen" <jo... at mail.dk> wrote:
> Help!
>     I'm begginer in Python 3.+!
>     If i wih to update a module after an import and chages,
>     How could I do:
>     By "from imp import reload" and then reload(mymodule)
>     or how to use "exec(?)", it is mentoined in docs.
>     In Python ver. <3 reload(module) writes something back to interpretter!,
> how about exec, which is a function?-:)
>     I,m thanking on the help!!

What makes you think you need to 'reload' a module. If you don't know
exactly what you're doing (by saying you're a beginner I'm guessing
not...), and aware of the consequences that can follow... I would say,
*don't*. There's too much to bite you in the rear (and not a blatant
bite from a lion, but rather a playful little kitten that then plays
cute and exudes a "moi?" expression).

Also, it may help others to post their thoughts if you tried to
describe why you think you want to go down this line, and what you're
trying to achieve.


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