How do I install libxml2 and libxslt?

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Mon Nov 2 21:44:36 CET 2009

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> According to the lxml installation instructions you linked=2C
> the windows lxml binary is statically linked and you do not
> need to install the libraries separately.
The install instructions say" "You need libxml2 and libxslt" and then links=
 to where to download the binaries=3B this means I need to install separate=
ly=2C right?  If not=2C those are aweful instructions. :)
I can download the binaries=2C but I don't know where or how to install the=
m?  Is there any instructions anywhere?
> If 'from lxml import etree' works=2C then you're done.
It doesn't work. 		 	   		 =20
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