comparing alternatives to py2exe

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Tue Nov 3 21:50:42 CET 2009

On Nov 3, 5:58 pm, Jonathan Hartley <tart... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently I put together this incomplete comparison chart in an attempt
> to choose between the different alternatives to py2exe:
> Columns represent methods of deploying to end-users such that they
> don't have to worry about installing Python, packages or other
> dependencies. 'Bundle' represents manually bundling an interpreter
> with your app. 'Bootstrap' represents a fanciful idea of mine to
> include an installer that downloads and installs an interpreter if
> necessary. This sounds fiddly, since it would have to install side-by-
> side with any existing interpreters of the wrong version, without
> breaking anything. Has anyone done this?
> The remaining columns represent the projects out there I could find
> which would do the bundling for me.
> Are there major things I'm missing or misunderstanding?
> Perhaps folks on the list would care to rate (+1/-1) rows that they
> find important or unimportant, or suggest additional rows that would
> be important to them. Maybe an updated and complete version of this
> table would help people agree on what's important, and help the
> various projects to improve faster.
> Best regards,
>   Jonathan

Another thing that I think is of interest is whether the application
support modifying the version and description of the exe (that is, on
Windows, when you right-click on an application and choose
'properties' you view the version number and description of the
application, it is a resource inside the exe). I think py2exe supports

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