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Ethan Furman ethan at
Tue Nov 3 21:42:05 CET 2009

Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
>>>I was referring to this comment by Ben:
>>>"Suggestion: Please don't make efforts to fragment the community."
>>>This IMHO is hostile, because it presupposes that the mere goal of the
>>>OP is fragmenting the community
>>It presupposes nothing of any goal. It describes a predictable result of
>>the OP's efforts, and requests those efforts to cease.
>>So I deny the characterisation of that request as hostile.

[mass snippitude]

> If yes, with the substitution A = Ben and B = OP we get "in order for
> Ben's request to make sense, Ben has to assume that the OP is making
> an effort to fragment the community". This assumption on the part of
> Ben, I think, is hostile, since it assumes that the OP is making an
> effort to do something not nice. Whether the OP is indeed doing
> something not nice, is irrelevant. If the OP does do something not
> nice, the hostility is warranted. If the OP is not doing anything not
> nice, the hostility is unwarranted. But the fact that Ben was hostile
> is a fact :)

You were doing fine until you brought in the hostility.  I must agree 
with Ben that his comment was not hostile.  It was merely a statement. 
Not an exclamation, no name calling, just a plain request rooted in reality.

And that's a fact.  ;-)

Shall we now discuss the nature of the space/time continuum and the 
exact reality of quarks?


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