Tkinter callback arguments

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at
Wed Nov 4 08:50:42 CET 2009

* Gabriel Genellina:
> I don't understand either. R1 and R2 have *different* semantics.

Assume that they have the very exact same semantics  --  like two TV sets that 
look the same and work the same except when you open 'em up and poke around in 
there, oh holy cow, in this one there's stuff that isn't in the other.

After all the semantics (like the TV controls and their effects) were left 
unspecified, only the internal representations (like, the main circuit boards 
*inside* the TVs) were described, and the example only makes sense if R1 and R2 
have the same semantics, that is, work the same via their public interfaces.

If I'd known that people would start a discussion based on their wishes that the 
unspecied semantics should be some that made the example meaningless, well, then 
I'd simply specified the semantics  --  consider that done.

> They don't behave the same.

Assume that they do  --  except when you go poking into the innards.

Cheers & hth.,

- Alf

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