comparing alternatives to py2exe

Rüdiger Ranft _rdi_ at
Wed Nov 4 09:15:17 CET 2009

Maxim Khitrov schrieb:

> 1. I don't think cx_freeze supports single exe. I haven't even been
> able to get it to append the generated file to the
> executable using documented options. Other things like .pyd files
> always seem to be separate. At the same time, singe executables
> generated by py2exe do not always work. I have a program that works
> fine on Windows XP, Vista, and 7 if it is built under XP. However, if
> I build the exact same program under Windows 7, it no longer works on
> Vista or XP. I'm sure it has something to do with SxS or other dll
> issues.

I had similar issues with under Vista generated programs not running
under 2K (unfortunately I have to support it). This behavior came from
the .dll dependency tracking of py2exe, which included a OS .dll into
the dist output.

These are the steps I toke to find the offending .dll
* generated a "flat" directory (the .dll's not packed into
  with options = { [...], 'bundle_files': 3 }
* extracted the not loadable extension from
* examined the dependencies of this module with Microsoft's
  "Dependency Walker" (you can find it somewhere in the MSDN)
* added the superfluous .dll to the
  options = { [...], 'dll_excludes': ['offending.dll'] } parameter


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