Pyfora, a place for python

Valentina Boycheva VBoycheva at
Wed Nov 4 17:34:52 CET 2009

>>Daniel Fetchinson <fetchinson at> writes:
> >Probably this thread is going by far too far :)

>Ben Finney [ben+python at] writes:
> Agreed.

I was following this discussion first with curiosity and then with
increasing disbelief. As a scientist and a programmer, I always
considered myself belonging to a group of people who are broad-minded
and task-oriented. 

Being an occasional Python programmer, I subscribed to this list in the
hopes of learning from the pros. Most of the time I do. But I also see a
disturbing trend of petty bickering, splitting hairs and one-upmanship.
I understand there will be occasional language slips and misconstrued
jokes but can we please stick to the topic and remain courteous at all
times? I am seriously considering unsubscribing from this UL (and maybe
joining Pyfora.)

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