How do I install dlls and exes for libtidy and others?

Kevin Ar18 kevinar18 at
Wed Nov 4 20:07:54 CET 2009

Lme clarify my problems.  My earlier emails were pretty vague... so this should help.

I have been wanting to try out many libraries that use Python to C/C++ app bindings.  This means I install the Python library using easy_install and then install the pre-compiled Windows binaries and/or dlls... but that is where the problem arises:
* I do not know where to install the pre-compiled binaries.  There are no instructions on this -- it's like everyone assumes I know what to do.
* I tried copying the exe and/or dlls to Python, Python\Lib, Python\Dll
* import libxml2, import libxslt, and import libtidy do not work.  For example for libtidy, I get:
import tidy
OSError: Couldn't find libtidy, please make sure it is installed.
* The problem is always when a library requires pre-compiled Windows binaries.  I can't every get any such libraries to work.
My questions.
What is the proper way to setup these pre-compiled binaries so that they will work with Python libraries?
What are all the steps?
Is there some things I can do to help diagnose problems?
Could the problems be something different?
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