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> On 11/2/09 3:44 PM, Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
> > Being from germany, I can say that we *have* this fragmentation, and
> > frankly: I don't like it. I prefer my communication via NNTP/ML, and not
> > with those visually rather noisy and IMHO suboptimal forums. E.g. it
> That's right... forums, although more "accessible" to all the people who
> can't/doesn't want to use specific email or nntp clients, are quite slow
> to use.
> But I think Ubuntu forums support threads and are kind of "channeled"
> between ML and webinterface... something like Google Groups; I think
> THAT would be a good idea. What about trying to "channel"
> comp.lang.python and a forum?

comp.lang.python *is* already "channel"ed in multiple venues: the Usenet 
group itself, the base mailing list, (NNTP 
newsgroup from the mailing list, various web interfaces, RSS feed), 
google groups, and others.

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