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Thu Nov 5 03:25:31 CET 2009

Alan Franzoni <doesnotexist at franzoni.invalid> writes:

> That's right... forums, although more "accessible" to all the people
> who can't/doesn't want to use specific email or nntp clients, are
> quite slow to use.
> But I think Ubuntu forums support threads and are kind of "channeled"
> between ML and webinterface... something like Google Groups; I think
> THAT would be a good idea. What about trying to "channel"
> comp.lang.python and a forum?

Please, be more specific. As I said earlier in this thread, a “forum”
could be a mailing list, a Usenet newsgroup, a walled-garden web
application, an IRC channel, or a face-to-face meeting in a pub.

So speaking of comp.lang.python as though it's *not* a forum is
confusing. Please choose a term that makes it clear why what one is
speaking about is distinct from the comp.lang.python forum.

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