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Rustom Mody rustompmody at
Thu Nov 5 08:33:26 CET 2009

Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> On the python-dev list at the moment is a lot of discussion on why uptake
> of Python 3.1 has been slower than hoped. But one of the things that
> people haven't really discussed -- or at least that I haven't seen -- is
> why one would prefer 3.1 over 2.5 or 2.6.

> So how about that, 3.1 fans? What are the most compelling reasons for you
> that convinced you to change?

Why I am back on 2.5/2.6

Case 1
I need to use the library construct for parsing binary files
I tried porting it to python 3 but was not successful.
Dont pretend to have tried very hard but...
1. The library is quite well written but I dont know its internals
2. In fact I am just familiarisng myself with its usage
3. Intricacies of 2to3 changes their whys and wherefores are quite
foreign to me -- specifically unicode matters have always frightened

Case 2
I prefer to use python-mode in emacs for development
python 3 has broken python-mode by removing execfile
I suggested a (1-line) fix
Its still pending.

Case 3
Python3 has a windows installer but no deb packages for ubuntu/debian
I installed with the installer on windows
and compiled the sources on linux (with some help of this list)
However compilation takes time and converts my laptop into a toaster
Given the above 2 cases I seem to have wasted the wearntear of my laptop.

The attraction of python is not primarily in the language.
Its not even in the batteries that are *included* but the non-included
ones that are available.
If that set is significantly sparser for 3 than for 2.x I dont see how
many people can adopt it even if they wish to

[Excludes the academics in ivory towers who discuss the subtle
qualities of different languages.
Been-there-done-that (was in a university for 20 years) and if I was
in that context I would not use 2 or 3 but lisp, haskell or some other
beautiful wonderment from arcanaland]

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