list to table

jay jaybode at
Thu Nov 5 15:37:46 CET 2009

Hi All,

Am new to using newgroup for help, but have exhausted my searching
online for a solution

I have a long list of data of associations between values with a value
to that association as follows..

(var) to (var) = (var) hits
A B 1
B A 1
A B 3
B A 3
A C 7
C A 2

And need to build a table as follows that accumulates the above:

row is (from)
column is (to)

   A B C
A 0 4 7
B 4 0 0
C 2 0 0

Just can't seam to figure out how to manage this programatically.

Any help or guidance much appreciated !!!



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