Need help dumping exif data in canon raw files

Nuff Nuff nuffnough at
Fri Nov 6 00:10:51 CET 2009

So I've looked at all sorts of things,  gone through as many different
things as I can find,  but I fear python just can't do it.

I just need to be able to extract the exif info from a canon CR2
file.  The info from canon suggest that it's just the same as a tiff,
but anytime I try to get PIL to open one,  it says that it tastes
bad.  And canon don't seem to be all that forthcoming on the details.

Ideally I'd be able to update the file with new exif info too,  but
that would just be a bonus.

Right now I just want to open a file (say /home/nuffi/IMG_0001.CR2 or
d:\pic\IMG_0001.CR2) and print out all the exif info attached to the

Is it impossible in Python?



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