decoding a byte array that is unicode escaped?

sam samuelrobertson at
Fri Nov 6 09:48:47 CET 2009

I have a byte stream read over the internet:

responseByteStream = urllib.request.urlopen( httpRequest );
responseByteArray =;

The characters are encoded with unicode escape sequences, for example
a copyright symbol appears in the stream as the bytes:

5C 75 30 30 61 39

which translates to:

which is unicode for the copyright symbol.

I am simply trying to display this copyright symbol on a webpage, so
how do I encode the byte array to utf-8 given that it is 'escape
encoded' in the above way?  I tried:

and responseByteArray.decode('unicode_escape')
and str(responseByteArray).

I am using Python 3.1.

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