Docs Typo

Mark Dickinson dickinsm at
Fri Nov 6 14:28:44 CET 2009

On Nov 6, 12:09 pm, Lawrence D'Oliveiro <l... at geek-
central.gen.new_zealand> wrote:
> In message <87eioghrsk.... at>, Ben Finney wrote:
> > Lawrence D'Oliveiro <l... at geek-central.gen.new_zealand> writes:
> >> <> -- “ScrolledCavas” should be
> >> “ScrolledCanvas”.
> > Thanks for finding and describing a fault with the Python documentation.
> > This is not the right place for reporting it, though: this is the Python
> > user forum, not an appropriate place for reporting faults.
> > If you would like the issue to be addressed, please report it to the
> > Python bug tracking system <URL:>.
> What do you want, a bloody HTML patch?

Nope;  just the first two lines of your original post in a report would be plenty.  If you make sure to
mark 'Documentation' in the Components field, I think this
will get corrected pretty quickly.

> Just fix the damn typo, already!

Who is this addressed to?  The chances are that the people
most likely to fix this aren't reading this thread.  I'd fix
it myself, but I'm at work at the moment with no commit access
to the Python svn repo.  And by the time I get home, I'll
probably have forgotten about it.  Filing a
issue makes sure that this *will* get noticed by someone.


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