PyQt processEvents not processing

DarkBlue pict100 at
Sat Nov 7 05:12:02 CET 2009

qt 4.5.3
pyqt 4.6.1
python 2.6

I have this QtTable widget which I want to refresh once about every 2
seconds with new data.

so I do :

 def updateSchedule(self):
         for j in range(0,10):

 unfortunately QT appears to wait until the for loop finishes
 and only then paints the QtTable widget on the screen showing
 only the latest updated result.

if I connect the doUpdate() to a Qtpushbutton widget and physically
click the pushbutton , everything is fine and the updates get shown on
every click.

What is the right way to simulate this pushbutton click  so that
the table widget gets 'visibly' refreshed for every iteration of the
loop ?


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