Req. comments on "first version" ch 2 progr. intro (using Python 3.x in Windows)

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at
Mon Nov 9 17:10:31 CET 2009

Chapter 2 "Basic Concepts" is about 0.666 completed and 30 pages so far.

It's now Python 3.x, and reworked with lots of graphical examples and more 
explanatory text, plus limited in scope to Basic Concepts (which I previously 
just had as a first ch 2 section  --  but there's rather a lot of concepts!).

I think it's wise to invite comments even when it's not 100% completed. First, 
because as opposed to ch 1 there is quite a bit of code here, and since I'm a 
Python newbie I may be using non-idiomatic constructs, not to mention doing 
worse things. :-) Second, because comments in general can improve the text.


2.1 Super-basic concept: why programming is not DWIM.   1
2.2 Reported errors.    4
2.2.1   Case-sensitity. 4
2.2.2   Syntax / compilation errors.    4
2.2.3   Runtime errors / crashes.   5
2.3 A programming exploration tool: turtle graphics.    6
2.4 Naming things.  8
2.4.1   Naming actions: routines.   8
2.4.2   Naming data part I: variables.  11
2.4.3   Naming data part II: routine arguments. 13
2.5 Controlling the flow of execution.  14
2.5.1   Repeating actions automatically: loops. 14
2.5.2   Basic comparisions & boolean values.    16
2.5.3   Interlude I: a function graph program / about types.    17
2.5.4   Automated action choices.   21
2.5.5   Value-producing (function-like) routines.   23
2.5.6   Interlude II: a graph with zeroes marked / about program structure. 26
2.5.7   Dynamically nested actions: recursive routines. 28
2.6 Objects.     [Not started on this] 31
2.7 Collections.    [Not started on this] 31

In Google Docs (both chapters available here):

     Formats: PDF


- Alf

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