Choosing GUI Module for Python

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> I would like to know about that pros and cons only ...

I'll reiterate what i have said and others have said. WE NEED MORE

Survey: What GUI is right for you?

1. What is your level of GUI programming? (0 1 2 3 4 5)
2. Will you be using this GUI for your own apps or distributing the
3. What is the primary OS that this app will be used on (or any)?
4. What type of app (graphics(2D/3D), texteditor, hello world)?
5. Are themes/customizable look and feel important?
*. You mentioned IDE's. That of course will narrow your choice pool

 +Is included in Python as a built-in module!
 +very easy to learn!
 +adequate docs!
 -lacks professional appearance
 -lacks many important widgets

 +larger richer widget set than tk!
 +better look and feel than tk!
 +opengl canvas built-in!
 -not as easy to learn as tk
 -docs are lacking at best (i really wish this were better!)
 -not built-in to Python (rightly so, too big!)

i won't comment on the others. If you have absolutely no experience
try out Tkinter just to a feel for GUI in a hand holding environment.
If you are not happy with Tkinter's simplicity then move on to a full
featured GUI kit if you need the more advanced stuff. I would say try
them all! I would also suggest you learn to code GUI's without an IDE.
I think the experience is more rewarding. You should know every bit of
code you create personally!

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