NEWB problem with urllib2

Penn powderdrop at
Tue Nov 10 00:29:03 CET 2009

I just installed PyDev into Eclipse using the 'update' method and did
the standard installation.  I allowed it to Auto Configure itself and
ran a "Hello World" module to make sure I was in the ballpark.

I got an starting module up and have run "Hello World" but now am
stuck on getting urlopen to import from urllib2 for the following

from urllib2 import *    # doesn't give me an error
ur = urlopen("") #
gives me Undefined Variable: urlopen

so I tried just

import urllib2        # Eclipse gives "Unresolved Import"

Is urllib2 not on my path?  Isn't urllib2 in the standard installation
and shouldn't that automatically be on my path?  If not, how can I get
it on the path?


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