Python as network protocol

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Tue Nov 10 09:55:11 CET 2009

Cooch schrieb:
> Hi, guys!
> I want to implement such specific feature:
> I have a server written in Python. I have a client written in C++. I
> want to use Python as network protocol between them. I mean: client
> send to server such string: "a = MyObject()", so object of this type
> will appear in server. Any ideas how to simplify this implementation?
> I make XML-RPC/SOAP server using twisted which just execute sended
> string. But I don't know how to:
> 1. Restrict usage of some modules on client side (os, sys etc..)
> 2. Divide variables of different clients. Generally, I know that I
> should use "exec .. in .. " construct, but don't know how to
> distinguish between clients in twisted.

This is a *really* bad idea. Because there is no real way to restrict 
execution in python, and thus you allow clients to inject arbitrary code 
into your server. Including the notorious "os.system('rm -rf /')".

So - don't do that. Use e.g. CORBA if you need a richer, object-base 
protocol than XMLRPC.


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