New to Python need on advice on this script

MRAB python at
Tue Nov 10 21:09:41 CET 2009

Jim Valenza wrote:
> Hello all - I'm new to the world of Python as I am a GIS guy who would 
> like to broaden his horizons. I have a question about a script that 
> we've been working on: The purpose of the code is to *Syncronize SDE 
> DropBox with Regulatory Project working files. *
> I am looking for where the script dumps the domain list to a table and 
> loops through the table? Is It necessary? Seems like you should be able 
> to simply loop through the domain list. I was just trying to see if 
> there was a more straitforward way. Thanks
> The script is as follows:

I've spotted a bug:

     P_Value = (P.strip(".mdb"))

The .strip() method DOESN'T strip off a string, it strips CHARACTERS off
BOTH ends.

P_Value will be P but with any number of the characters ".", "m", "d" or
"b" stripped off both ends, for example, if P == "my_database.mdb" then
P_Value will be "y_database".

You should do something like:

     if P.endswith(".mdb"):
         P_Value = P[ : -4]
         P_Value = P

Another point: you're recording the valid domains in a list and then
checking with:

     if P_Value in domainList:

This will perform a linear search of the list, which can be slow if the
list is long.

It would be much more efficient to put the domains in a set instead.
Checking for the presence of an item in a set is fast.

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